TV reality shows and their benefits


Reality shows are one of the most popular shows that are now shown on the TV channels. These shows have a mixture of both the common people and the celebrities either in their real lives or working over some scripts and performing together. In the era of 1940s these shows did not exist at all over the television and were quite authentic but now days no channel is complete without a minimum of 3 to 4 reality shows over it.


Factors supporting the popularity of reality shows

There are many reasons why reality shows are successful over the television. Some of them are as follows:

  • Human curiosity

There is a well known proverb that the curiosity killed the cat. Here two conversions are to be done. It means that curiosity has lured the audience. The public is always curious to know what is going o happen the next and if they come to know that everything is going in real and there is no drama then there curiosity goes to the highest level. The reality shows teases the human mind to watch them and thus curiosity becomes an essential ingredient for these reality shows. If you don’t want to miss on any of your favorite shows, then be sure to download apps like Movie Box on your iPhone.

  • Entertainment value

Watching the daily soaps and the movie makes the viewers bored of the same concepts and stories. The reality shows are totally different. They are full of drama, the original stunts and actions being performed by the stars in front of them, violence and laughter. Thus, people get more attached to these shows. Also, there are some talent search reality shows that focus on applauding someone who has the best talent. Thus, a value is added to the entertainment with such shows.

  • Belief in the reality shows

Although the public is very smart but sometimes it can easily get fooled. Though the reality shows are not fully real and have some scripted content within them but still most of the viewers have an assumption that these shows have everything in real and as if live shooting is being done. This notion becomes permanent in their minds and thus it becomes very hard to dismiss this from their brains. This is another very important reason why the reality shows are always at the top of the node.

Types of reality shows

There are various categories under which the reality shows have been classified. These are as follows:

  1. Talent shows
  2. Game shows
  3. Hidden camera shows
  4. Talk shows
  5. Original life event shows
  6. Supernatural and the paranormal shows
  7. Sport shows
  8. Renovation shows
  9. Social experiment shows

Advantages of the reality shows

The major benefits that are being associated with the reality shows are  featured below:

  • Awards and prizes

In many reality shows cash money is given as a prize which makes the shows beneficial. Also, the common man is benefited from such shows.

  • Acknowledgement of the achievement

The common man is able to showcase his talent and skills with the help of the reality shows. He gets the applause and the praise of the masses and they get coverage worldwide.

  • Cheap entertainment source

For viewing a reality show, you just have to turn on your television and there are no further expenses associated with these shows. You can also watch them on the go with the help of Movie Box app (download it here)

  • Experience

With the help of these shows, many of the participants get exposure to the business world. Although they may not be the winner but still they leave an image over the mind of viewers.

Thus, reality shows prove to be really beneficial and helpful for the people.

Why Knee Pads are Necessary for Volleyball?

One of the biggest debates you will ever come across in the world of Volleyball would be the usage of knee-pads or the apparent lack of it in the Indoor Volleyball Court Games. Though, it is more of a personal preference of whether wearing a knee-pad or choosing not to, both the sides have a few pros and cons to discuss.

Today, in this article, we will provide you with a number of advantages of why it is completely necessary to wear knee-pads while playing the game of Volleyball:


Helps to prevent an Injury to your Knee

According to numerous findings from an American Journal of Epidemiology, usage of Knee-pads while playing Volleyball reduces the risk of suffering a horrific knee injury by a massive 56 percent in young athletes. The knee pads are quite useful as they help to prevent your knees from a direct fall to the hard court in the case of a dive as the knee cap doesn’t directly come in contact with the court. The padding layer and compression on the knee pads help provide shock absorption and also help in preventing damage to your kneecap. To be injury-free, we also recommend getting one of the best women’s volleyball shoes to protect your feet, because they are one of your most valuable asset in the game.

Performance Impact

Players who go on to the court without knee pads will look to experience more difficulty in performing certain tasks. This in return hampers a player’s overall productivity. The players who tend to wear knee pad are found to perform more athletic moves on the court. These moves involve a certain degree of risk and stress on the knees. So it’s better to be prepared than to feel sorry at the end.


For a player, the longevity of his career is the uttermost important thing for him. The longer he plays the more chances he has to earn prize and money for himself and his team. Keeping your knees protected in volleyball can go a long way in achieving that aid. Volleyball players who tend to look after their knees and play with knee pads can feel safe and free of knee injuries as compared to their counterparts who tend to prefer playing Volleyball with knee-pads.


A player plays with an added layer of confidence if he feels he is protected from injuries. Knowing that his knees are well protected with high-quality knee-pads allows a player to give his best on the court and take on risks to achieve glory for himself and his team. Players playing without knee-pads will always hesitate for a second before giving for dangerous dives on the courts as it could injure their knees. This split second hesitation can go a long way in deciding the winner and loser of the contest.


Safe to say, you can also see your knee pads as a safe and sound investment against knee injuries. Available from as little as $15, the knee-pads can go a long way in preventing knee injuries and further save money on costs to repair injured knees. The knee treatment costs are sky-rocketing thanks to advancement in technology and having protected knees can be viewed as a financial protection as well as a safeguard for your knees.

How to Select Quality Basketball Shoes


The popular game of basketball needs quick running and running and running over a long period of time. Thus, choosing the appropriate basketball shoes is one of the major decisions that a player needs to take before he enters the game. The whole game involves running, jumping, quick moves and instant changes in the direction. For all these activities, you need to have good quality shoes. With the help of comfortable and good quality basketball shoes, a player can give his best performance on the court. Also, the good and branded shoes reduce the chances of any type of injuries whether major or minor like the foot and the ankle injuries.


Steps to select best quality basketball shoes

There are several factors that must be considered by the athlete before he buys the basketball shoes. Then only a correct choice can be developed.

  1. Know the needs of playing

It is a common understanding that all the players need a high level of support, cushioning and flexibility while they are playing the game. The appropriate choices for the support, flexibility and cushioning depends on upon the following characteristics of the player:

  • Whether the player is a speed player or he is a power player
  • Whether he is defensive in his attacks or offensive
  • Whether he assists other players or is a direct player

Cushioning is one of the factors that are more important than other factors for the basketball player. Another thing to consider is the weight of shoes. No player is interested in playing and running with the heavy shoes and especially the players who are there to play the aggressive shots. The standard weight of the basketball shoes is 10 ounces. So, this factor must be looked upon carefully while buying the basketball shoes.

  1. Select the height of the ankle

The shoes are needed to be chosen according to the position and role of the player in the team. The casual players that all around need the shoes those are general and helpful in all times and situations. The player who has to move with full speed does not require high top sneaker shoes. This is so because it is not easy to run with high top shoes. So for this kind of players, getting the low top and mid top shoes is a far better option.

  1. The size and width must be accurate

It is very important to choose the shoes that are of right size. People are in the habit of buying shoes of the same size for many years, but they are unaware of the fact that injuries and the repeated stress over the foot can change the dimensions of the foot. Thus, it is very important to remeasure the dimension of the foot before buying the shoes. There can be a pain with the wrong sized shoes.

These are some of the steps that you can follow while selecting the basketball shoes and you will definitely be benefited if you also invest in the best in ground basketball system because if you don’t practice in your brand new shoes, they won’t be worth a penny.


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